Abu Dhabi University partners with Dakila Research Social Sciences UAE to enhance student knowledge in advanced technologies

In line with Abu Dhabi University’s (ADU) commitment to invest in scientific research opportunities that foster innovation and creative thinking among faculty and students, ADU and Dakila Research Social Sciences UAE (DRSS) have signed an agreement to further advance student knowledge in research and technology. DRSS, a conglomerate of 19 Brazilian companies from various sectors, promotes economic and social development via Associação Dakila Pesquisas.

Through the agreement, ADU’s College of Engineering and DRSS seek to establish an advanced superconductivity research laboratory to allow college students and faculty to work on experimental tasks that aim to advance and discover new developments in science. In addition, the facility aims to work on the development of quantum devices that will benefit the broader community in advanced and deep technologies.

In the presence of Dr Ali Saeed Bin Harmal Aldhaheri, ADU Chairman and Otávio Augusto Teixeira dos Reis, Director of Research and Development at DRSS, the agreement was signed by Professor Ghassan Aouad, Chancellor of ADU, Dr Hamdi Mustafa Sheibani, Dean of the College of Engineering at ADU, and Alan Oliveira, Chief Operating Officer of DRSS.

The laboratory both parties are planning to establish will led by Professor Montasir Qasymeh, of Electrical Engineering at ADU, along with experts from Brazil, and will be equipped with high-quality tools and equipment. Conducted research projects will include cutting-edge technologies such as room-temperature superconducting materials and their industrial applications.

ADU’s faculty and students, and DRSS members will work hand-in-hand to develop technologies such as practical superconducting computing devices, superconducting storage units, and electromagnetic insulating structures, among others, that offer novel electromagnetic and electronic devices. In addition, DRSS will provide ADU students and faculty members with the necessary research experience, technical know-how and engage them with several research projects to expand their knowledge in innovation and research.

Professor Ghassan Aouad, Chancellor of ADU, said: “We are delighted to work with a prestigious partner such as Dakila Research Social Sciences. We continue to work hand-in-hand with our strategic partners to provide our students with a unique cross-learning experience to prepare them for the future career market. Through this collaboration, we aim to promote the academic and professional engagement of our faculty, staff and students with the professionals at DRSS in the field of research social sciences.”

Alan Fernandes, CEO of Dakila Emirates , said: “We at Dakila Company are confident that our collaboration with Abu Dhabi University will pave the way for many advances and findings that will elevate humankind and benefit our communities. For instance, we envisage launching research projects and utilising state-of-the-art equipment to work towards realising quantum technologies to achieve unprecedented benefits for humanity. We plan to intensify our efforts to brand a success story out of collaboration with Abu Dhabi University.”

Gabriela Pache, CSO of Dakila Emirates , said: This partnership means finding many solutions and development for all humanity, having the opportunity to offer technology as comfort and well-being for each one of us, and always bringing with us the principles and commitment to raising human consciousness. Magic is built with a lot of work, planning, creativity, and of course with good partners.”

ADU’s College of Engineering is the largest engineering college in the UAE. It offers a range of engineering and technology programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level, with new and innovative programmes being integrated regularly to meet the global development of the field.

For more information about ADU’s programme, visit: adu.ac.ae/study/programs/program-finder

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